Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Lies Within Review

5 stars


What Lies Within

Karen Ball


Kyla Justice outwardly has it all – a very successful construction business, a good, steady boyfriend, a Christian faith – she has everything to lead a good life. However, she always feels something is missing in her life. She can’t seem to agree to her boyfriend’s request to marry him. She can’t seem to find her place in life. Filled with questions and doubts, and struggling to let go of her guilty secrets, she finally agrees to help a church build a centre for inner-city kids. She believes that the Lord is leading her to do so. However, as soon as she starts work on the new building problems arise in the form of gang violence. Somebody does not want the center to be build and they are instigating the gangs to stop the building process. Added to that Rafael Murphy, a marine-turned-coffee-barista, is offering protection against the gangs. However, he seems oddly familiar. When she comes to know who he is, she realizes that the secrets he knows about her past could jeopardize her current relationships.
This is the first time I am reading Karen Ball and I was riveted to the pages of the book. The story of Kyla as she finds the strength and courage to face her past and the gang trouble is something that most people can identify with. The characters had depth to them and solutions were not hit upon easily. The idea that even if you know God and Jesus life is not easy, life is not a bed of roses was portrayed clearly. Knowing God is not a ticket to blissfulness and no difficulties. The second-chance giving nature of God can be seen throughout this novel as Kyla struggles not only with her newly found friendships but also with her relationship with God. This book is an excellent read! I am definitely going to read the first two books in this series.

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