Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hello from windy and cold (Brrrr) Michigan. The past few days have been pretty cold and the winds have blown pretty hard. There were even few flurries of snow the past couple of days. To all of you in the Southern Hemisphere of the Great United States of America, enjoy your heat and nice weather. I do not envy you a bit. I like the cold weather and am anticipating the first snowfall!
The cold weather may have driven most birds away to warmer climate. But the one group of birds I have kept on seeing the past few days have been pigeons. They are the strangest creatures actually. Even when you brush past them, they still waddle along. They are not scared by the people passing and do not flit away at the merest sound. I found that to be very intruiging. Perhaps that is the way we all ought to be when we have a great God who is looking out for us. That is not to say that we put ourselves knowingly in the path of danger, walk outside the will of God and still expect God to rescue us without repentance on our part. But when we know that we are where God has called us to be, we can fully trust in his grace and the pressures and people all around us will not be able to hurt us.
Hope you were encouraged!
Live life to the fullest!