Friday, December 7, 2007

Bluegrass Peril Review

One warm, beatuiful day, Becky Dennison's life changed drastically: she stumbled upon the body of her dead boss. When she is suspected of the crime, she relies heavily upon the help of the manager of the neighboring horse ranch, Scott Lewis. Together they must unravel the mystery surrounding Becky's boss's death and make sure that they both come out alive.
This story was very well written but real-life characters. The plot line was engaging with twists and turns. However, this book was lacking an element of suspense. An element of suspense is what drives novels of this kind. And this story did not seem to have that. Otherwise, this is a great read. The importance of the love of God and the fact that he has a plan for our lives are portrayed clearly throughout the novel. This is a great, sweet read for one of those cold, snowy nights by the fireplace!

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Virginia Smith said...

Thanks for your review of my book, Jasmine! I apprecaite your opinion. You're right - BLUEGRASS PERIL is light on suspense. It's more of a "cozy mystery" than a true suspense novel. But I'm glad you liked the characters and the story!