Friday, December 21, 2007

Distant Heart Review

4 stars


Distant Heart

Tracey Bateman

Avon Inspire

Toni Rodden, a prostitute, has lived a life of sorrow and unhappiness until she is rescued by Sam Two-Feathers. She comes to know Jesus and accepts Him as her personal Lord and Savior. She joins the band wagon heading to Oregon. But along the way there is betrayal, suspense and heartache. Can she survive this trip? Will she be able to show others around her that she is a changed woman?
This story was a wonderful read. The characters are very lively and human. Many times, when we think about the olden days, we believe that the worst thing that they might have done was say a bad word or something minor like that. We often forget that people are still humans and prone to sin, despite the era they lived. We often glorify the past when we think of the misdeeds and society of the present. This story reminded that everybody needs Jesus to save them, even if they lived in the 1800s! I would have like the story to be a bit longer. However, in the space that the novel was written in, the main character does become closer to God and the readers are able to see her change. Also, since this is the second book in the series, there were references to the first book that made me think that I was missing something about the overall story; but this does not detract from Toni’s story. Other than these two things, this is a story I would recommend to anyone!


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