Saturday, December 1, 2007

America's future if Christians don't Pray - The Minor Protection Act Review

3 stars
Christian Fiction
The Minor Protection Act
Jodi Cowles
VMI Publishers

Lawyer Jack Stone has the opportunity to make history. The suicide of Jayla Jessup after listening to Nick, a Christian friend, talk against her lifestyle of homosexuality has made national headlines and Jack Stone is the lawyer prosecuting the case against the parents of Nick for teaching him to hate. He wins the case against the parents. This propels him to overnight stardom. Soon the President of the United States calls and assigns him the major task of implementing the Minority Protection Act – taking children away from homes where parents teach them to hate and where parents teach them Christianity is the only true religion. This act is put in place. But soon Jack Stone comes to realize that what he did is wrong and that it is causing more damage than it is helping America. Will he able to stop this slide into disaster, a disaster that he helped create? Can he redeem himself?
First time author Jodi Cowles writes a very scary novel. With the way things are in the United States of America, the scenario around which her whole story revolves is painfully possible. The truth of the novel and the possibility of it becoming reality are always in the back of the readers’ mind as they go through the novel. The writing is more description than dialogue. Hence, it is difficult to get into the story initially. But once the main characters are introduced and the story gets on its way, it was very attention grabbing. Also, the many characters in the book sometimes makes the reading confusing. But overall, it is an excellent novel with a new story line that pinpoints problems that North American Christians need to be aware of.