Sunday, May 16, 2010

Too Close to Home
Eason, Lynette
Women of Justice, 1
April 2010

Samantha Cash is a computer geek. She can follow and unearth any trail on the computer. She is an FBI consultant and has helped the bureau solve numerous cases. Then she is called in to help find the stalker/murderer that is murdering teenage girls by luring them to a bogus modeling agency. To accomplish this task she is paired with detective Connor Wolfe.

Connor Wolfe finds himself at a bad place in life. Having lost his wife couple of years ago, he is fighting to get back his relationship with his teenage daughter who happens to blame him for her mother’s death. On top of that he notices a pattern developing with the teenage girls that are being killed in his town: all the girls have signs of pregnancy but no baby. Since they were hitting a brick wall with the investigation, the FBI sends Samantha Cash. Will they be able to find the killer on time before Connor’s own daughter becomes a victim?

Debut author Lynette Eason has written a strong first novel. Filled the suspense and danger it is a series with a strong beginning. The characters are three dimensional and they do change dramatically at the end of the novel. The only part of the novel that I did not enjoy was the pace. Initially, it took time for the investigation to jump start and for the characters to be introduced. However, the novel had an unusually slow pace in the beginning. So it was a bit difficult to get into the novel. However, the pace, the suspense and the danger picked up dramatically towards the latter part of the novel. The other thing I enjoyed was that I was not able to identify who the stalker/killer was until the very end. Ms. Eason did an excellent job of providing that cover for them so that the readers would be surprised. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in the series!

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