Monday, May 10, 2010

Scattered Petals
Texas Dream, 2
Cabot, Amanda
March 2010

Priscilla Morton very strongly encouraged her parents to head to Texas from Boston, looking for adventure. However, along the way Priscilla’s dreams of adventure is dashed as tragedy strikes and her parents are killed. Broken in spirit and hoping for a fresh start she continues her journey to Texas to meet her brother-in-law and his future wife. Once she reaches Texas, she resolves to leave out her life isolated, trying to find peace. But after the horrendous attack will she be able to recover, especially since there is Zachary Webster who won’t let her forget?
Zachary Webster is a loner and a drifter. When he meets Priscilla Morton, he knows that she feels uncomfortable with him. So he goes out of his way to avoid her. But God has other plans for them. When circumstances ensue that could lead to Priscilla’s reputation being tarnished, Zachary steps up and offers to marry her and she agrees. Will they be able to translate their mutual understanding and respect into love, before it is too late? And can Zachary keep the woman he married safe?
I enjoyed reading about Priscilla and Zach. This is my first novel my Ms. Cabot and I liked the way she introduced her character and the Texas frontier. She gives depth to both characters and she provides a lot of reality in the novel. The story is fast-paced and it takes both Priscilla and Zachary time to form a relationship. There are two things that I would have changed. One if the fact that Priscilla never seems to be able to dodge trouble. I almost felt like she was portrayed as Job in the Bible. Even though she marries Zach, instead of one climax there are multiple climaxes. The second thing is the fact that there are a lot of distracters in the novel. There are certain scenes and characters in the novel that are not necessarily needed to continue the storyline. But I suppose they can be considered background for the next installment. Also, I would encourage readers to start reading this series from the first installment. Being the second book in this series, I felt a bit lost when I started this one since it takes a while to place all the characters and their connection to each other. Otherwise, this is a great book and for historical fans this will be a treat!

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