Friday, September 11, 2009

Fools Rush In
Weddings by Bella, 1
Janice Thompson
ISBN: 0800733428
Bella Rossi is part of a large Italian family that lives in Galveston, Texas runs a pizzeria and a wedding planning facility. After her parents ask her to take charge of the wedding facility, she decides to increase the variety of the wedding facility by offering themed weddings. And the first couple she gets wants a cowboy themed wedding! Now asking an Italian family, who never wears cowboy boots and has had nothing to do with cowboy things, to plan a cowboy wedding is like asking pigs to sing. Hence, as Bella goes through the planning, she orders large, I mean large amounts of cowboy boots, have to go through a cooking disaster, has a “DJ” crisis that brings DJ into her life and of course has to deal with her eccentric and very noisy Italian family!
I really enjoyed this book, especially Bella’s large family. The words between her uncle and aunt kept the story going and added some spice to the story. The way that the Rossi family embraces the western cowboy boots was really hilarious to read about and I enjoyed the chemistry between Bella and DJ. I believe I would have enjoyed the novel a bit more if the book was not just in first person point of view, thereby providing more varied thoughts – not that I didn’t enjoy Bella’s thoughts. Overall, it was a very good book, and I am looking forward to the next installment.

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