Monday, November 23, 2009

The Swiss Courier
Trisha Goyer & Mike Yorkey

Gabi Mueller is a Swiss-American charged with a dangerous task during World War II in 1944. Being a spy for the American Office of Strategic Services (the percursor to today's CIA), she has to safely transport a defecting German scientist out of Germany into Switzerland, thereby thwarting the Germans' plans of making an atomic bomb. But along the way whom can she trust to keep her job details a secret and who are the real enemies?

I enjoyed reading about Gabi Mueller and her story of bravery. Even though the story and character are fictional, I was able to see the many descriptions of true events that occured during World War II. This element made the story more authentic. I also enjoyed the fact that the story was fast-paced with no dull moments. I was very hesitant to actually get the book for review especially because I have never read any of Ms. Goyer's books. But I must say I have been very pleasantly suprised. I look forward to reading other books from her.

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