Saturday, July 4, 2009

MAY 2009

John Brady considers Elizabeth "Lizzy" O'Connor nothing more than a sister. Being her spiritual mentor, Brady considers her his pupil and nothing more. Even when others urge him to take his relationship with Lizzy a step farther, he refuses - not because he does not like her in that way, but because he can't shake the events of his past. And he is sure that once Lizzy comes to know she will not want to do anything with him.

Lizzy O'Connor has been a romantic since she was a teen, often disappearing into the fictionary world of heroes and heroines. When Brady comes into her life, she is energized spiritually as he teaches her things from the Word of God. But as she has grown older, Brady refuses to see her as a woman. And she has given up hope of ever being more than a "little sister" in his eyes. What should she do? Will Brady and Elizabeth realize God's will for their life before it's too late?

A fitting and excitating conclusion to the Daughter's of Boston series, Elizabeth and Brady's story is as touching as the other two books in the series. Ms.Lessman knows how to capture her audience and hold their attention throughout the whole book which is close to 500 pages. That is not an easy feat, but Ms. Lessman has done it with finesse and unexpected twists and turns. Furthermore, readers are afforded a view of the married lifes of Faith and Charity with their respective spouses as well as the continued development of Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor after a setback. The situations that this family finds themselves in seem plausible especailly in our day and age. Even though set in the 1920's, the lessons that the O'Connor's learn are very applicable to today's population and I was able to re-learn lessons on forgiveness and the will of God. A very touching scene that caused me to evaluate my life was when Marcie O'Connor decided to forgive her husband despite his anger and blame. The book was an excellent conclusion to the series, however, I am sad to see it end. I am hoping for one more book with Katie's story as well. This book is highly recommended!

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Andi said...

I love this series! Julie Lessman is one of my favorite authors!