Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sisters, Ink Review

4 stars


Christian Fiction

Sisters, Ink

Rebecca Seitz

B & H Publishing

Four adopted sisters – Tandy, Kendra, Meg and Joy – are the focus of this new series. Having grown up with a mother who loves to scrapbook, the sisters have learned to enjoy each other through this art. Only one sister has gone away from her childhood home in Stars Hill – Tandy Sinclair.
After her mother died she has decided to fulfill her dream...(or is it her mother’s dream?) by going to Orlando and working there. Having come from Orlando, she has decided that she will overcome the streets that had been her sleeping place for the first seven years of her life. And she has done that and become a great attorney. But she is missing a lot in her life too – her sisters, family life and her daddy. Circumstances cause her to come home for two weeks during which her life changes drastically. Can she learn to stop running and trust God to work everything out?
This novel had a unique story line. It is not everyday that we read about a scrap booking family. The interactions and personality between the sisters are real and fun. I am looking forward to the next installment in this series.

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