Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Awaken My Heart Review


Christian Fiction

Awaken My Heart

DiAnn Mills

Avon Inspire

It is 1803...and the Mestizos and the ranchers are fighting over land. Caught in the midst of this fight is Marianne Weston, daughter of Philip Weston who has sworn to kill the mestizos’ leader Armando Garcia. In order to further their cause, the mestizos’ kidnap Marianne and takes her to La Flor, their beautiful village. There she comes to know the people and their struggle to keep their land. She is returned to her home unharmed in her body, but touched forever in her soul and spirit. She cannot seem to keep the people of La Flor and their struggle from her mind and she cannot seem to forger Armando Garcia, the rebel leader. Can Armando’s people and their land be saved from the cruel plans of Marianne’s father?
Awaken My Heart was a very sweet story about two people caught flowing in opposite directions. The characters are well-developed, portraying their strengths and weakness adequately. The book moves at a fairly steady pace; however, I felt that it finished too soon. The power of God and his ability to protect and guide his children is one of the key messages in this book. Armando Garcia, even though he had previously trained to become a priest, does not know Jesus personally. His conversion and the way the Lord guided him afterwards and provided for his village’s protection is beautifully told. This is definitely a must read!

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